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Engine Block Die Assembly

assmb-1.png (30795 bytes)

Units - 0.001"

green - in tolerance

red - missing material

blue - extra stock

assembly.png (4605 bytes)

The Part: Engine Block Die
Massive and complex casting tool for an aluminum V6 engine block.
The Process: Ware Plate Fitting
The ware plates are manufactured with approximately 0.010" of stock
before fitting. The two die halves are assembled and brought to inspection.
The task is to find how much stock actually is on each ware plate in die
position. At the end, the ware plates will be taken off the exact amount of
stock needed.
The Results: To check the ware plates from 2D drawings previously took 2-3 days. With
SPV it takes under 3 hours - 2 hrs to collect the points at the CMM, 20 min
to check the points with SPV at the CAD station and 30 min to generate
plots displaying the measured results. This process also included a limited
check (200 points) on the insert in the middle which was never inspected
before at this stage.
Highlights: In this example 650 points were checked against 12,000 faces in less than
10 seconds on SUN Ultra 30 with 512 Mb of memory

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