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Metrium is our latest addition to the line of integrated solutions for off-line programming of Coordinate Measuring Machines. Intuitive and easy-to-navigate native interface helps reduce the learning curve and bring results faster. Metrium generates your CMM programs directly from the CAD model and stores all information within the part database, eliminating data duplication.





Point Generation

On Face

  • Basic UV grid
  • Constant distance between points
  • Constant curvature along UV

On Curve

  • Equal curve parameter
  • Equal arc length
  • Fixed distance between points
  • Constant curvature
  • On circles

On Edge

  • At constant angle with the face normal
  • At constant angle with a fixed direction
  • Curvature or distance based distribution

Safe points

  • Automatic safe point
  • Clearance features - plane, cylinder, cone
  • Clear at each point or face


Transform Paths

  • Translation
  • Rotation
  • Mirror
  • Uniform and non-uniform scale
  • Between coordinate systems
  • 1 and 2-D array of translations
  • Array of rotations

Manipulate Points

  • Move by delta
  • Move to level
  • Set tip and AB angle
  • Set approach/retract, offset
  • Add comments, text, messages and code to CMM points


Model Updates and Changes

  • Detect part changes automatically
  • Repair path after part modification
  • Reattach to imported part
  • Undo and "jump to" in the undo list


  • Path inspection simulation
  • Setups and index probes simulation
  • Easy VCR-like interface

Collision Detection

  • Perform fast collision detection
  • Highlight interfering faces
  • Store collision information for review

GD & T

Geometric Features

  • Create and label holes, pins, planes, spheres
  • Define holes/pins by size, taper, depth
  • Multi-face features
  • Create tabs/slots

Geometric Tolerancing

  • Define position, size, form, profile
  • Link multiple features to the same tolerance
  • Create inspection lists

CMM's and Programs


  • Define static and index heads
  • Create probe systems
  • Change probes inside the program
  • Define star probes

Program Creation

  • Include unlimited number of paths
  • Insert multiple setups in a program
  • Insert prompts, messages, machine code
  • Program output in DMIS and native CMM languages


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